On education

[Originally posted to BrewingThoughts on 10.29.12]

I am incredibly interested in education.

So interested, in fact, that one of my best friends/college roommate and I once founded an organization who’s sole aim was to promote better educations and academic opportunity in the metro-Detroit area.

We wanted to change the game–give students an opportunity to learn in a way that hadn’t been possible before.

We partnered with the University of Michigan’s school of education, local schools, large test preparation corporations, and student leaders from different extracurricular activities and majors. Together, we built own, unique mentor-based tutoring program.

Labeled as a college entrance exam prep group, our goal was broad and ambitious–find creative solutions to allow these students–often in poverty stricken, challenged schools and neighborhoods–to play by the rules of the current academic structure (SATs and long, expensive college applications) and succeed in graduating and moving onto opportunities in higher education (if that’s what they desired.)

Developing Letters to Success was challenging and exciting.

Helping students succeed academically and opening their eyes to any number of post-high school opportunities was one of the most rewarding parts of my four years in Ann Arbor.

As with starting any organization there were countless challenges, struggles, and failures along with some meaningful successes.

But this post is not about creating an organization. It’s about education.

This is all to say that I find education to be extraordinarily interesting.

I am also incredibly interested in organizations. And in innovation. And in many other topics.

And when these themes all collide, one conclusion rings true: Our current academic structure is one of the most broken systems in the world. 

Earlier today, Brad Feld wrote a blog titled, “Changing How We Think About Education.” In it he writes about a video titled “Changing Education Paradigms.”

Brad remarks:

I just watched it and found myself nodding my head up and own for most of the 11 minutes.

The YouTube link has over 8 million hits. It’s absolutely brilliant and well worth ~11 mins of your day. I fully agree with Brad–I found myself nodding to his comment as well as the video.

There were too many fantastic lines and stories to transcribe, but the short speech in it’s entirety is below.

If you’ve ever been interested in education, how people think, organizations, why schools are structured as they are, why the world is structured as it is, and why it’s so important that we change and and grow…check out the following, all incredibly interesting:

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